Why Texture Matters?

Texture is the sensation produced by how something feels. Put plain and simply, texture will transform your home and workspace from a cold, two dimensional place into a warmer, more complete and more comforting space.

Texture is everywhere around us, it's integral to our natural world.

The knobbles of a tree bark, the bumps of rock, the sharpness of a blade of grass, the smooth still surface of a lake. Texture therefore is integral to our own personal living space.

Texture can provide a space with a particular sensation .. how do you want your environment to FEEL? Then there's the actual tactile element ... how does it actually feel when you place your hands on it?

This is something, I'm particularly interested in here at Zuva. I want you to get connected with your art. I want children to become curious and engaged, if they want to go up to the wall and give the artwork a fondle. That's ok! Art shouldn't be a thing that lives remotely on a wall. 

Texture also gives a room a bit of added interest. For instance a complex piece of textured wallart will take the eye on a journey, time and time again.

"A field is enough to spend a life in"  Helen Dunmore

I've used this quote in my Fields tapestry and it summarizes how I want people to feel about owning a tapestry. The lines and layers of different textures are something people can keep coming back to and discover something new.




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