David Attenborough, The World Land Trust and Green Friday

Yesterday the temperature dropped and in the evening I flopped onto the sofa underneath a cozy blanket, in front of the fire and succumbed to Netflix. I'm not a big TV watcher but coming into winter, I'm going to appreciate it.

First on my watchlist was "A Life On Our Planet" by David Attenborough. Sir David is a big hero of mine and I can distinctly remember watching the BBC's Wildlife On One in the 1980s!

Last night's viewing was a coincidently timely watch. A few days ago, I had already decided that my chosen charity to donate to would be, The World Land Trust. To use the formula to give back to something, whilst creating something, was a formula I knew I'd use even before I knew what my creative business would be. I chose this particular organisation as I wanted to give to an international charity as I myself am not rooted to one place but more specifically, their work to preserve different ecosystems and our earth's biodiversity, is crucial. I cannot imagine an earth where wilderness does not exist.

We live in a consumer driven world and that's not going to change and buying does help us live better and happier lives. It's not possible to be perfect. I am certainly not perfect . There are lots of things I would like to do differently but some of them at the moment are not possible. However, some changes are. We all have to live within our means but we do have choices! Even if it's only something small, it all helps.

With Zuva, always, always 15% of sales will be donated to given charity or NGO. At the moment my choice is, The World Land Trust but this could change in the future. I'm also committed to using more recycled and ethical materials in the future.

Today happens to be Black Friday. I will not ask anyone to buy anything but I ask that you consider your choices.





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