Are You Green? How Choosing The Colour Green In Your Weaving Wall Hanging Affects Your Room.

Choosing colour is probably the most important element to consider when decorating any space. Colour has a significant effect on mood and atmosphere as colour can be calming, energising or used to lighten or darken.


How The Colour Green Affects Your Home and Mood

Green is overwhelmingly the colour of nature and growth and therefore is a powerful, symbolic colour.

Green is Calming

Think of lying under a tree on a summer's day. There is nothing more calming and the different shades of green of our natural world are soothing, relaxing and naturally stress relieving. Choosing green can bring a sense of balance into a chaotic workspace or create a relaxing environment in your living area.

Green is Refreshing.

Green means growth, especially the new growth of spring and therefore green is associated with abundance and renewal. The lushness and vibrancy of green can bring a feeling of refreshment to your home.

This unique combination of being both invigorating whilst relaxing means that green can have a variety of uses and effects when choosing colours to decorate your home. I haven't even begun the mention the specifics of different shades from deep, intense, forest greens to the yellowy spring tones of light green.

Want More Green In Your Life?

I naturally work with greens because of my own connection with nature and I aim to bring some of the lushness of this world's natural spaces into your own, natural and wild space. If you have an idea of your own on how you would like to use green in your own special commissioned, weaving wallhanging. Send a message to Claire,


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